Changeset [582584aac93eaff700844f531d7472fb4ad8dc0d] by Jason Lee

June 24th, 2017 @ 12:47 PM

updated default actions, including basic "resource_params" and
"#{resource_name}_params" methods. (no specific tests yet). Added "#{resource_name}_params" methods to test app controllers.
Default actions xml formats replaced with json.

Committed by Jason Lee

  • A spec/app/views/application/index.json.erb
  • A spec/app/views/application/show.json.erb
  • M Gemfile.lock.development
  • M lib/resources_controller/actions.rb
  • M lib/resources_controller/resource_methods.rb
  • M lib/resources_controller/singleton_actions.rb
  • M resources_controller.gemspec
  • M spec/app.rb
  • M spec/controllers/addresses_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/admin_forums_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/comments_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/comments_controller_with_models_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/forum_posts_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/forums_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/infos_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/owners_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/resource_saved_spec.rb
  • M spec/controllers/users_controller_spec.rb
  • M spec/spec_helper.rb
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resources_controller is a rails plugin that eases the pain of RESTful controllers.